Image of Laurel Bestock holding document with Egyptian hieroglyphs printed on it

Laurel Bestock, Associate Professor of Archaeology and the Ancient World and Egyptology and Assyriology, was invited by WIRED to be part of their "Tech Support" series on YouTube -- which also includes videos by Robert Downey Jr., Mark Cuban, Gordon Ramsey, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and many other academics and celebrities. In the video, Dr. Bestock answers questions about how ancient Egyptians spoke, and whether pyramids were built by aliens, among other questions WIRED collected from Twitter.

Comments on the YouTube video and excerpts posted on TikTok have been extremely enthusiastic, praising Dr. Bestock's enthusiasm, knowledge, and clear explanations; for example: "Professor Bestock!!!! You were the best teacher a little Egypt obsessed kid could have ever hoped for. Thank you."