Liza Davis
Doctoral Student in Archaeology and the Ancient World (Ph.D. expected, May 2025)

Liza Davis received her B.A. in Geology, cum laude, with concentrations in Archaeology and Medieval & Renaissance Studies, from Carleton College in 2016. She earned an M.A. in Mediterranean Archaeology, with distinction, from University College London in 2017. Her Master’s Thesis was entitled, “Urbanism and Ideology in the Christianisation of Late Antique Greece.” Her interests include the  mechanics and effects of the spread of Christianity in the eastern Mediterranean during Late Antiquity; network analysis, spatial statistics, and GIS; geoarchaeology, soil science, and environmental history; and the preservation and presentation of cultural heritage.  She has been involved in fieldwork in Italy, Greece, and Turkey, most recently with the Small Cycladic Islands Project in the Cyclades.