Evan Levine
Former Doctoral Student in Archaeology and the Ancient World

Evan graduated from Kalamazoo College in 2012 with a B.A. in Classics, and received an M.A. (Classics) and M.S. (Geography) from Texas Tech University in 2016. His Master’s thesis, titled “A Geospatial Contextualization of Archaic Greek Epigram on Thasos”, focused on reinterpreting 6th century BCE verse inscriptions from Thasos through a geospatial perspective, and developing new methods for the digital recording, interpretation, and presentation of inscriptions and inscribed monuments. Evan has excavated or surveyed in Italy, England, and the United States, and currently finds himself working in Greece and Jordan. In Greece, he is a senior staff member of the Mazi Archaeological Project in Northwest Attica, responsible for project topography, GIS, and database management. In Jordan, he is part of the Brown University Petra Terraces Archaeological Project, which aims to document the agricultural landscape in Petra’s northern hinterland through excavation, architectural recording, topographic survey, and geoarchaeolgical analysis. He is also engaged in epigraphic research projects with the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. In addition to his fieldwork experience, Evan has published on topics of inscribed Greek epigram, Archaic and Hellenistic Greek poetry, settlement pattern analysis, and archaeological methodology and theory. In this last regard, he is currently the co-editor of Archaeolog, a blog devoted to developing, discussing, and implementing novel approaches for the engagement with archaeological data.