Tyler Franconi
Assistant Professor of Archaeology and the Ancient World and Classics

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Archaeology and the Ancient World

[email protected]
Rhode Island Hall, Room 210

Tyler Franconi holds a DPhil from the University of Oxford in classical archaeology, and has held previous academic positions at the University of Oxford, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Alberta. He has excavated at a number of different sites in Italy, Tunisia, and the USA, and currently co-directs the Upper Sabina Tiberina Project, which investigates the long-term development of rural settlement and economy in the Sabine region of Italy, located today in the province of Rieti of the region of Lazio. Tyler’s research more generally focuses on the economic and environmental history of the Roman Empire, with particular interests in the frontier regions of Britain and Germany. His research in these zones investigates the changing relationship between Roman economic exploitation and environmental dynamism from the time of initial conquest into the early medieval period.

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