Doctoral Student in Archaeology and the Ancient World (Ph.D., May 2012)

Carrie received her B.A. in Classical Archaeology from Dartmouth College in 2002, her M.Sc. in the Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials from University College London in 2004, and her M.A. in Archaeology and Heritage from the University of Leicester in 2005. Her field experience ranges from excavating at Pompeii, to conserving Bronze Age artifacts in Greece, to working on GIS for the pyramid workers' village at the Giza Plateau. Carrie’s major research interest is in the field of archaeological science, exploring how to link materials science research strategies and techniques with archaeological questions and approaches. In chronological and geographical terms, she is interested in the Classical and early Medieval/Islamic periods and the Eastern Mediterranean. Carrie’s dissertation focuses on glass and the glassmaking industry of the Near East during the 7th-12th centuries CE, exploring the technological impact and implications of sociocultural, economic, and political change.