Photo of Mason Shrader
Doctoral Student in Archaeology and the Ancient World (Ph.D. expected, May 2029)

Mason Shrader received his B.A. in Anthropology and Classics, summa cum laude from Millsaps College in 2019. He holds a Master's degree in Classics from Texas Tech University awarded in 2021, as well as a Master's degree in Anthropology, with an emphasis on Bioarchaeology from Texas Tech University, awarded in 2023. He studies the bioarchaeology of disability and impairment in the ancient Mediterranean, focusing specifically on Late Antiquity and early Christianity. He has conducted fieldwork and labwork in Mexico, North America, Spain, and Greece.  

In addition to his work in bioarchaeology, Mason also works to make the field of archaeology more accessible for disabled people. He is the co-author of a forthcoming publication on accessibility in archaeology, “Digging While Impaired: Promoting the Accessibility of Archaeology as a Discipline”, which will appear in the edited volume Archaeological Ethics in Practice this year.