Admission and Financial Support

How to Apply

Students wishing to pursue their graduate work in the MCBGP must complete a Brown University application.


The Graduate Record Examination is not required.

Our goal is identify students with the capacity to develop into independent research scientists. We use many aspects of the application to evaluate the likelihood that a student will take ownership of a research project. These include: the personal statement, letters of recommendation, prior research experiences, and coursework relevant to our core disciplines of cell biology, molecular biology, genomics, developmental biology, and biochemistry.

Application Checklist

  • Personal Statement
  • TOEFL Score (International students only)
  • Undergraduate Transcript (and others where applicable)
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation

Doctoral students are accepted into the MCBGP with a commitment of financial support while their research and academic studies progress satisfactorily. This support includes a stipend, tuition, and health insurance.