Below is a list of frequently asked questions that our office receives on a regular basis. Do you have any suggestions for this list?  Please feel free to contact [email protected] and let us know!

No. As an exempt employee, you do not need to submit a timecard. The only time you will need to submit time is during a time off request. 

New employees have to complete their benefits elections within 31 days of employment from their start date. The enrollment process includes online links to detailed information about the plans. You can also review the Benefits Enrollment Decision Guide at the Brown Benefits website.

To obtain employee parking faculty and staff  must go through the waitlist process. You may request parking by adding your name to a waitlist, you may register for two waitlists in the online parking system Park@Brown.  Once a space becomes available the Transportation Office will notify you by email.

Employees are able to change their benefits during Open Enrollment in the fall. During this time, employees can change or continue with their current benefits. Employees are also able to change their benefits during a qualifying life event such as legal marital status change, birth/adoption of child or retirement savings election. 

To submit time as a non-exempt employee, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Time app on Your Home Landing Page
  2. Select an option under the Enter Time section
  3. Double select day of the week to enter time
  4. Enter Time Type and Quantity (hours) worked and select OK
  5. Check the total hours at the top of the screen to be sure your time is reported accurately
  6. Select Submit. Workday will then bring you to a confirmation screen where you may review your entries. Review the time you are submitting, but remember to select. Submit one more time (at the bottom of your screen) to ensure it is routed to Payroll.

For more information, please access this handout.

Brown is requiring all employees who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to verify it by uploading their completed vaccination card.  In order to maintain 90 percent or greater universal vaccination rates on campus, all newly hired employees must receive the final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine before they begin work, unless they are approved for a medical or religious exemption. Upload your card directly to Workday or email a PDF or JPEG to [email protected].

Brown University offers eligible employees a defined contribution 403(b) retirement plan six months after your employment. The University will contribute 6% of your salary if you make no contributions. In addition, the University will make a dollar for dollar match of up to 2% for a total contribution of 8%. University contributions begin after 6 months of employment. Please contact the Benefits office at [email protected] for more information.

Contact us at [email protected] and tell us the dates that time was not submitted. We will also need to know the type of hours (regular hours, vacation hours, sick hours, etc.) and number of hours for each type. For the majority of missing time instances, it is added to the next open pay period.  The determination for whether one receives an on-demand check is based on the Payroll Under and Over Payments policy.  In general, if more than half of the person's paycheck was missing, Payroll can issue an on-demand check.  Pickup for an on-demand check would be at the Payroll office located at South Street Landing (Payroll will email the times available for pickups). 

Employees must work 25 hours per week (66.67% FTE) to be fully benefits eligible. Please reference the eligibility guide here for more information.

BioMed HR requires that three candidates be interviewed in order to proceed with a desired candidate. Once interviews are conducted and references are collected, please put all information into Workday for BioMed HR's review.

Jobs are posted automatically to:

  • Brown’s Career Site
  • LinkedIn
  • National Labor Exchange
  • EmployRI (which is the RI Department of Labor & Training online job matching services)
  • HERC (Hire Education Recruitment Consortium)

At request, positions can be circulated on Facebook and Twitter, BioMed HR also maintains a list of resources that we can post at your request. 

If you have a position that is not 100% grant-funded, please fill out the BioMed Hiring Request Form.  For staff positions, you will be required to submit a job description as well as a justification for the position.

If you have a position that is 100% grant-funded, please complete a job description using either the Grade 11 and Below template or the Grade 12 and Above template with qualifications and responsibilities. Send the completed job description to BioMed HR for review.  

During the summer, many departments observe Summer Hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with an hour for lunch (35 hours per week); however, staff continue to be paid for 37.5 hours. In departments that observe summer hours, full time, non-exempt staff who work more than 35 hours but less than 37.5 are not provided with additional compensation. Employees working in non-exempt positions are paid additional straight time for hours worked between 37.5 and 40 hours. For more information, please see Exempt and Non-Exempt Employee Pay (40.030).

Brown’s Hire First initiative is to provide career progression opportunities to existing employees. As such all positions are required to be posted internally for 7 days before external recruitment begins. Hiring managers must interview all internal candidates who meet the minimum qualifications of a position. If an internal candidate is not selected for the position, the hiring manager will be responsible for providing feedback to the internal candidate to aid development opportunities. It is best practice to provide this feedback after a phone screen if not advancing to an in-person interview, and after an in-person interview if not selected for the position. Feedback should be provided to the candidate outside of Workday.


Brown continues to support the safety of its employees, as well as to address their needs to care for others affected by the coronavirus.

The Future of Work: Position Classification page on the University Human Resources website provides more information on position classification.