New Free Weight Loss Program for UnitedHealthcare Members

Real Appeal is a new program for UnitedHealthcare members who want to lose weight and get healthy, for free.  See the flyer and FAQ's below for information on how to register today!

Real Appeal Flyer and FAQ's

Telemedicine: What's All the Buzz About?

UnitedHealthcare Members 
You can consult a doctor virtually through UnitedHealthcare.  If you are a member of UHC's comprehensive plan, the virtual visit is free!  For CDHP members, the deductible applies. Please see the summary and FAQs below.

Virtual Visits Summary

Virtual Visits FAQs

Virtual Visits Video

BCBS Members
BCBS Members have access 24/7/365 to board-certified physicians through the phone or video consults via Teladoc. BCBS members on Brown's medical plan have no co-pays for Teledoc visits. Learn more at or view the documents below.

Getting Started with Teladoc

Dependent Setup

Teladoc FAQs

Pediatric FAQs

Are You an Empowered Consumer of Health Care?

Consumer Reports’ Choosing Wisely campaign provides tools and resources to help you talk about your care options with your doctor(s) to ensure you receive care that’s right for you.   Founded by the ABIM Foundation and supported by 60 different medical societies, Choosing Wisely offers topical articles and videos to help you make the most of your conversations with your doctor and to empower you to become an informed consumer of your health care. Brown University is now in its second year of supporting Choosing Wisely, which is being embraced by physicians and medical plans for it's ability to educate and positively influence patients. 

Click here to access the Brown Choosing Wisely Microsite.

Or learn more about how this tool is gaining state-wide and national attention:
Ask the Doctor: Making Informed Decisions
5 Ways to Relieve Back Pain

New Guide to Your Blue Cross Blue Shield Benefits!

Click here for a guide to using your BCBS benefits in 2017, including information on the My Health Toolkit and Teledoc virtual visits.