Form 1095-C

Form 1095-C will be mailed to employees' homes by March 31, 2016. If you have questions in the meantime, click here for the IRS information on the form.

New Guide to Your Blue Cross Blue Shield Benefits!

Click here for a quick guide to using your BCBS benefits in 2016, including information on the My Health Toolkit and Teledoc virtual visits."

 Health Insurance and Pharmacy Cards Mailing Information

Brown has a new Pharmacy Benefits Manager as of January 1, OptumRx.  All faculty and staff who participate in health insurance will receive new cards mailed to their home in mid- to late-December.  Remember to present your new card at the pharmacy for any prescription filled on or after January 1, 2016.  The prior ExpressScripts (Medco) cards will not work after December 31.  If you have health insurance and do not receive your OptumRX card by January 1, you can obtain your new prescription by providing the pharmacy with the following information: RxBIN: 610011, Rx PCN: IRX, Rx GRP: PURBROWN, and your Social Security Number. For people trying to register, go to

Health insurance cards will also be mailed to Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare participants in mid- to late-December.  The cards have updated telephone numbers for customer service and website information.  Blue Cross members also have new subscriber id numbers.

More Information on the Cards...

If you have health insurance through Brown, you will receive new cards in the mail. Here are the key points:

  • All cards will have only your name on them, even if you have dependent coverage.
  • The Blue Cross Blue Shield cards will have a new member number on them.  Use the new card for any services on and after January 1 and destroy the old card.
  • UnitedHealthcare cards will not have new member numbers (unless you just enrolled). You can continue to use the old card.
  • The OptumRx cards are for prescription drugs purchased on and after January 1.  Discard any ExpressScripts or Medco cards after January 1.
  • If you need additional cards, please call the company at the number on the card.

If you are a Flexible Spending Account participant, you will also receive a new debit card.  However, Benefit Strategies notified Brown on December 14 that they inadvertently sent cards to faculty and staff whose existing cards have not yet expired.  Anyone affected will receive a letter of apology from Benefit Strategies and should continue to use the current card as the new one will not be activated.  If you have questions, call Benefit Strategies at 888-401-3539.

Click here for an overview and What's New in 2016 in Benefits, from the 2016 Benefits Enrollment Decision Guide.  Full guide is found on the right.

UnitedHealthcare Virtual Visits

In 2016 you can consult a doctor virtually through UnitedHealthcare.  If you are a member of UHC's comprehensive plan, the virtual visit is free!  For CDHP members, the deductible applies.  Please see the summary and FAQ's below.

Virtual Visits Summary

Virtual Visits FAQ's

Retirement Plan Limits Unchanged in 2016

The IRS announced on October 21 that the limit on employee contributions to employer-sponsored retirement plans will remain $18,000 in 2016.  For employees age 50 and over, the limit is $24,000.

New Retirement Savings Option

Brown now offers a Roth contribution option in the 403(b) retirement plans!  If you are a participant in a Brown plan, you have a choice between pre-tax and post-tax contributions.  Click the links below for more information from Fidelity Investments and TIAA-CREF.

Fidelity Roth 403(b) Flyer
TIAA-Cref Roth 403(b) Flyer