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Kimberly Almeida, Senior Manager, Finance and Work Life Programs 863-3458
Christina Bernier, Administration and Finance Specialist 863-2009
Norah Bradbury, Benefits Special Programs Coordinator 863-1788
Lisa Galvin, Senior Benefits Specialist 863-3257
Jeff Jakulevicius, Benefits Compliance Analyst 863-7594
Jennifer McKay, Work/Life Program Specialist 863-3715
Drew Murphy, Director, Benefits 863-1244
April O'Malley, Benefits Coordinator 863-2220
Stephanie Romano, Senior Absence Specialist 863-1790
Cynthia Schimelpfenig, Associate Director, Benefits 863-7568
Cairn Smith, Senior Benefits Specialist 863-7506
Elaine Whited, Benefits Data Analyst 863-1372
Michele Wise, Senior Benefits Special Program Coordinator 863-2459

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