Jacqueline Howells

Jackie Howells


B.S., University of California - Berkeley
Advisor: Craig Lefort

Research Interests: I’m currently investigating mechanisms of myeloid progenitor engraftment in the bone marrow using a conditionally immortalized progenitor cell line which data so far suggests are fated to mature into neutrophils. Using this cell line developed in the Lefort Lab,  we can identify key integrins involved in progenitor homing tand proliferative capacity in vivo. Additionally, I will be investigating the roles of focal adhesion molecule α-actinin in neutrophil recruitment and arrest. Ideally, this data will provide a clearer understanding of how neutrophils home, engraft, and recruit under normal physiological conditions in addition to providing evidence for how these progenitor neutrophil lines could be used in the clinic as a targeted cellular therapy for immunodeficiency. I hope to also study how these cells function when challenged with non-sterile inflammation caused by C. albicans and S. aureus.