Welcome to Brown's Pre-Law Advising! 

Brown offers a wealth of guidance and support to students and alumni interested in the study and practice of law. One-on-one advising is available with our team of 2 academic deans and a faculty member. We support and organize events and programs about the application process, legal education, and law careers. Our office is located on the second floor of University Hall (1 Prospect Street). We ordinarily also hold open hours in the Watson Institute. Our appointment availability is listed under ContactsExplore our website, use our reference library and conect with us by appointment. We look forward to speaking with you about your interests in law school and the profession. Brown students and alumni can complete our Pre-Law Advising Registration Form to be added to our listserv for periodic messages about events, programs, and other relevant information. 

Website Roadmap

If you are new to the idea of pursuing education and careers in law the Fields of Law, Law Education and Degrees, and Resources sections of this website would be a great place to start. As you look for students with similar interests, you can connect with the vibrant community of student-led organizations at Brown, including Student Groups focused on law and advocacy.

At any stage of your studies and exploration of the pre-law path, we encourage you to engage with your peers at Brown, tune in to or attend the many Events and Programs we coordinate, and Connect with an Advisor.  

If you are gearing up for the application process, the Preparing for Law School, When to Apply, Resources, Admission Statistics, FAQ and Covid-19 FAQ pages cover the application process, plentiful details about all of its components, and the dynamics of the pandemic year. 

During the early summer before matriculating to law school many admission offices ask applicants to have a Dean Certification completed.