Law Careers Events and Programs

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The majority of Law Careers Advising events and programs are offered during the early stages of the application process in the fall term. These events are open to everyone but would be especially informative for Seniors and Alumni who are currently applying to law school and Juniors who plan on applying in the near future. Some programs are available to alumni far from campus live via Zoom. You can access a list of these programs and log-in instructions here.  During the fall of 2020 all events and programs will be online. Many are arranged directly by admission offices and LSAC. Events put on by other organizations are listed for your information only and do not represent an endorsement by Brown or the Law Careers Advising office. The calendar below will be updated early in the fall term and as new events become available. Check this page periodically. 




September- December 2020

 Law School Admission Council (LSAC) Forums

LSAC coordinates a number of forums with admission directors from schhol throughout the country.  

The Fall 2020 dates are:

  • September 26
  • October 13
  • November 4
  • December 12

Each Forum is a half-day event and includes live workshops on topics from the LSAT, the application process, diversity in the profession, and a range of on-demand workshops on other imporatnt topics. 

All Forum details are listed on the LSAC website.



September- December 2020

 Harvard Law Topics Webinars

HLS run web information sessions of potential interest to applicants.  Topics range from a focus on the curriculum, clinics, financial aid and living accommodations, to LGBTQ+ , First-General , and Women's resources at the school. The schedule and all details are posted on the admission website. 



September- December 2020

 UChicago Law Webinars

The University of Chicago Law School run periodic webinars on various topics about the school and the  application process. They also provide a number of videos on topics of interest.

All details and dates are on the UChicago Law website. 



September- December 2020

Penn State Law webinar series "From Pre-Law to Practice Greatness"

12:30- 1:30 pm Eastern

  • September 17- Navigating the Law School Application Process
  • October 8- The 1L Experience
  • November 12- Student Life Outside of Class
  • December 10- Financing Your Legal Education


August 27, 2020 - January 14, 2021

Open Access - A Series of 6 Webinars by 6 Admission Deans (USC, Albany, Columbia, University of Colorado, University of Georgia, University of Oregon)

Panels, topics and dates include:
• Aug. 27 – The Discovery Phase: Why law school, and why now?
• Sept. 16 – Summary Judgment: The application process demystified
• Oct. 8 –Extracting Evidence: Explaining the practice of law
• Oct. 21 – Electronic Discovery: A look at the classroom experience
• Nov. 10 – Diversifying the legal profession
• Jan. 14 – Cross-Examination: I’m a Dean at a Law School – Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Click HERE for Open Access brochure

Click HERE for event  registration. 



August 31, 2020

LSAC's Live with Kellye & Ken webinar

Law and Legal Education and the Challenges of 2020: A Conversation with Dean Jenny Martinez of Stanford Law School

4:00 - 5:00 pm Eastern

Kellye Testy, president and CEO of LSAC, will conduct an in-depth interview with Dean Martinez, the Richard E. Lang Professor of Law at Stanford. Ken Randall, the president of iLaw, will facilitate the discussion. Both Testy and Randall also served as law school deans for many years. 


You can view previous events on the Live with Kellye & Ken archive page.  



September 10, 2020 

Law School Admission Panel Webinar (UCLA, George Washington University, Boston University, University of Miami)

4:00 -5:00 pm Eastern

A free virtual panel. Get important details and advice about the law school application process. Receive answers to  your questions. Topics will include:  *Personal Statements*   *Letters of Recommendation*  *LSAC/LSAT*   *Choosing a Law School* 




AccessLex Institute Webinars

AccessLex is a non-profit organization that provides useful information about education in law and particularly its financial aspects. The several webinars on various topics about law school finance and application run from late August through mid November. 

Click HERE for the webinar schedule and registration.