Student Groups

Participating in student groups can be an excellent way to build community on campus, to engage in leadership and collaborative activities, to develop knoweldge, experience and qualities that can make your time at Brown fulfilling and your preparation for your chosen profession more substantive.

The Student Activities Office oversees and maintains a list of officially recognized Brown student organizations. We provide a list of some of the student organizations with a law and advocacy focus. This list is not exhaustive and we encourage you to explore the vibrant community of student organizations through their web materials, information sessions, fairs and other activities. 

Brown Pre-Law Society

The Brown Pre-Law Society is a group of students from diverse backgrounds considering law school after graduation. Through lectures, panel discussions, and various other activities, the Society discusses the law and investigates the implications of attending law school, as well as the many possibilities thereafter. We host forums on various forms of law such as Title IX legislation, international law, and constitutional law, as well as law school admissions panels, LSAT workshops, and more. You can connect with the Pre-Law Society on Facebook, its website, or email the Executive Board at [email protected].

Brown University Black Pre-Law Association

The Brown University Black Pre-Law Association is an organization for Black undergraduate students. As a group, we provide opportunities for Black undergraduates to learn more about the journey to law school, the application process, and law school itself. BPLA strives to close the gap in access to pre-law resources by providing practice LSAT exams, mentorships, various workshops, and opportunities for law school visits. Additionally, we are comprised of students passionate about social change. BPLA is a community on campus for discussions about social issues and what we can do as students interested in law to make a change. You can connect with the Brown University Black Pre-Law Association through their website.