Information for UTRA Recipients

Congratulations on your selection to participate in the UTRA program. Please review the documents below and submit signed hard copies of the required forms to [email protected], at the College, University Hall 213, by the deadline stated in your award email.

Required Reading for ALL Recipients

Summer UTRA Terms and Procedure
Semester UTRA Terms and Procedure

For Domestic UTRA Recipients

Required for all UTRA recipients who will be working in the U.S. during their award period.

For International UTRA Recipients

Required for all UTRA recipients who will be spending time outside the U.S. while working on their UTRA projects.

Start - End Dates and Duration

Since the nature of projects varies greatly, the UTRA program does not enforce specific start and end dates for summer research. Students and faculty decide on mutually agreeable dates for their UTRA projects to begin and end. Our expectation is that the projects will span a ten-week period and students will devote at least thirty-five hours per week to their projects.

Protection of Human Subjects

If the project requires the use of human subjects, including interviews, please review the website on Human Subjects Research, maintained by the Office of Research Administration, for approval guidelines. Some projects may already have received clearance by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Brown. Projects falling within the guidelines for human subjects review will not be funded without certification of IRB approval.