Payroll Office

The Payroll Office handles the processing and payment of all payrolls at Brown. This includes the Monthly, Bi-week and Weekly payrolls. The office also has responsibility for transmission of taxes, filing of federal and state payroll reports, and the production of employee W-2 and 1042S forms. 

The Payroll Office is located on the fourth floor of South Street Landing (350 Eddy Street.)

Any questions regarding payroll should be sent to [email protected], or 401-863-2361.


Recent tax law changes will be reflected in employee's 2020 paychecks.

The employee share of OASDI (Social Security) is 6.2% with a maximum taxable wage of $137,700.

Medicare payroll tax is 1.45% with an additional 0.9% for those with wages over $200,000.

Federal and State tax tables have changed, which could result in a change in Federal and State income tax withheld.

Please consult your tax advisor with any questions you may have about how these tax changes will affect your personal financial situation.