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Classics at Brown covers the range of ancient studies, with strengths in classical literature, ancient history, philosophy, religion, and linguistics. Additional work is available in religious studies, history of science, and comparative literature, as well as in classical archaeology at the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World.

The program in Classics and Sanskrit offers courses in Sanskrit grammar, literature, philosophy, linguistics, and religion. (Due to faculty retirement, no students will be admitted into the Sanskrit doctoral program in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.)

Completion Requirements
A.M.: Minimum of eight courses, including at least two seminars in Greek, Latin, or classics; competence in French or German; thesis based on an original investigation of some literary, historical, archaeological, or linguistic topic. The A.M. in Classics is available for students already working toward the Ph.D. in cognate programs at Brown; however, we do not admit directly into a Master’s program.

Ph.D.: Eighteen graduate courses, including at least six seminars with departmental faculty; competence in German plus French or Italian; Latin and Greek prose composition; Greek and Roman history; archaeology; the sight translation of Latin and Greek; two special authors or one author and one field; two semesters of teaching; preliminary oral examination; dissertation. Candidates in Classics and Sanskrit must complete requirements for Classics and present four 100-level courses in Sanskrit; a minimum of seven seminars, two of which shall be in Sanskrit; and a dissertation topic requiring significant use of material in Sanskrit as well as Greek or Greek and Latin; preliminary written and oral examinations; dissertation.

Admission Information
Admission requirements: Greek and Latin: completion of a substantial number of courses with honor grades. Writing sample required.

GRE General: Required
GRE Subject: Not required
Application deadline: January 1