• Elsa Amanatidou

    Distinguished Senior Lecturer, Modern Greek Studies, Modern Greek Studies Program Director

    Wilbour Hall, Room 102A

    Research interests: Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy; Interculturality; Strategies of Delivery and Assessment; Educational Technologies

  • John Bodel

    W. Duncan MacMillan II Professor of Classics, Professor of History

    Macfarlane House, Room 204

    Research interests: Roman History, Literature, and Epigraphy (especially of the Empire)

  • David Buchta

    Lecturer in Sanskrit

    Wilbour Hall, Room 005

    Research Interests: Sanskrit Literature; particularly Poetics, Grammar, and Late Medieval Religious Literature 

  • John Cherry

    Joukowsky Family Professor in Archaeology, Professor of Classics

    Rhode Island Hall, Room 105

    Research interests: Mediterranean Prehistory; Caribbean Archaeology; Alexander the Great and his Nachleben

  • Jonathan Conant

    Associate Professor of History and Classics

    Peter Green House, Room 010

    Research Interests: Late ancient and early medieval history; Interregional connectivity; Rural communities; Violence

  • Jeri Debrohun

    Associate Professor of Classics

    Macfarlane House, Room 205

    Research interests: Latin Poetry of the Republic and Early Empire

  • Sasha-Mae Eccleston

    Assistant Professor of Classics

    Macfarlane House, Room 110

    Research Interests: Latin Literature, especially of the Roman Empire; Literary Theory; Classical Reception, especially within contemporary poetry and the African diaspora; Human-Animal relationships

  • James Fitzgerald

    St. Purandara Das Distinguished Professor of Sanskrit, Faculty Affiliate in Religious Studies

    Wilbour Hall, Room 101

    Research Interests: Sanskrit Literature, particularly Mah bh rata and related philosophical and religious literature

  • Mary Louise Gill

    David Benedict Professor of Classics and Philosophy

    Corliss Bracket House, Room 204

    Research Interests: Ancient Greek Philosophy; Ancient Science

  • Yannis Hamilakis

    Joukowsky Family Professor of Archaeology, Professor of Modern Greek Studies

    Rhode Island Hall, Room 105

    Research Interests: Archaeological Ethnography; Contemporary Forced Migration; Critical Heritage; Critical and Border Pedagogy; Decolonial Theory; Mediterranean Archaeology; Modern Greek Studies; Photo-ethnography; Photography; Politics of the Past; Senses and Affect; Social Zooarchaeology; Nationalism

  • Johanna Hanink

    Associate Professor of Classics

    Wilbour Hall, Room 105

    Research Interests: Greek Literature and Cultural History

  • Kenneth Haynes

    Professor of Comparative Literature, Professor of Classics

    Marston Hall, Room 101

    Research Interests: Greek and Roman Literature; Classical Reception

  • Stephen Kidd

    Robert Gale Noyes Assistant Professor of Classics, Director of Graduate Studies

    Wilbour Hall, Room 102

    Research Interests: Greek Literature, especially of the Classical Period

  • Andrew Laird

    John Rowe Workman Distinguished Professor of Classics and Humanities, Professor of Classics, Professor of Hispanic Studies

    Wilbour Hall, Room 001

    Research Interests: Classical literature, especially Virgil; Renaissance humanism and history of scholarship; Latin in colonial Spanish America; intellectual history and ethnohistory in sixteenth-century Mexico

  • Pura Nieto Hernández

    Distinguished Senior Lecturer in Classics, Interim Undergraduate Concentration Adviser

    Macfarlane House, Room 201

    Research Interests: Greek Language and Literature

  • Graham Oliver

    Professor of Classics, Professor of History, Department Chair, Director of Graduate Studies (Ancient History)

    Macfarlane House, Room 104

    Research Interests: Greek History; Ancient Economies; Greek Epigraphy; Reception of Ancient Greece

  • Stratis Papaioannou

    Professor of Classics, Director of the Program of Medieval Studies

    On Sabbatical

    Research Interests: Byzantine Literature; Greek Palaeography; Rhetoric

  • Joseph Pucci

    Professor of Classics, Professor of Comparative Literature

    Macfarlane House, Room 208

    Research Interests: Late and Medieval Latin; Comparative Literary History; Biography; the American Presidency

  • Joseph Reed

    Professor of Classics

    Macfarlane House, Room 203

    Research Interests: Latin Poetry; Hellenistic Poetry; Reception of Classical Literature; Myth and Cult of Adonis

  • Kenneth Sacks

    Professor of Classics, Professor of History

    Peter Green House, Room 204

    Research Interests: Greek History; Hellenistic Intellectual History; American Transcendentalism

  • Adele Scafuro

    Professor of Classics

    On Sabbatical

    Research Interests: Greek Legal, Social, and Cultural History; Greek Epigraphy; Classical Greek and Roman Republican Literature