This 2-week or 4-week elective in general anesthesiology is available to Alpert medical students and visiting medical students with an interest in anesthesiology.

During both the 2-week and 4-week electives, students will be paired with an attending or resident. Every effort should be made to confirm an assignment the night before each clinical day with the floor coordinator or rotation director. Students are expected to read independently regarding their cases in addition to relevant literature that is provided by faculty. Students should keep a daily log of the faculty that they work with each day in addition to the type(s) of case(s) to which they were assigned and any technical skills they were able to perform. Students should read "Anesthesia Crash Course" by Charles Horton, MD which is available electronically via the medical school library.

2-week elective goals/objectives:

1) Exposure to multiple cases, procedures, and anesthetic techniques

2) Pre-operative assessment of patients, identifying comorbidities that can affect anesthetic plan, and understanding of the ASA classification system

3) Develop and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the airway anatomy

4) Understand the basics of physiology and pharmacology as it pertains to anesthesia

5) Become proficient in bag mask ventilation


4-week elective objectives/goals:

1) Perform a full pre-operative assessment and develop an anesthetic plan for your patient including, but not limited to:

          a. Anesthetic technique

          b. Fluid management

          c. Appropriate monitoring techniques

          d. Pain management

2) Exposure to numerous subspecialties including pediatric, neurosurgery, cardiac, vascular, and orthopedics

3) Identify and treat common intraoperative complications and issues

4) Demonstrate mask ventilation proficiency

5) Once proficient in mask ventilation, the student will perform placement of LMAs and intubations via direct laryngoscopy

6) Novice proficiency in the placement of IV catheters