NIH Main Campus

The main NIH campus takes up 70 acres of wooded land in North Bethesda, MD. It houses the intramural research campus of NIH, which includes about 6,000 scientists and the NIH Clinical Center, the largest clinical research hospital in the world. There are roughly one hundred principal investigators involved in neuroscience at NIH, and their work spans every major subdiscipline of the field. 
Neuroscience @ NIH 


Porter Neuroscience Research Center
Porter Neuroscience Research Center

The Porter Neuroscience Research Center is a state of the art facility where the lion's share of neuroscience research at NIH is carried out. It houses neuroscienstists from nine institutes. 
The monthly student seminar takes place in Porter and most students in the program join labs based there.


NIH Core Facilities for Neuroscience

fMRI Core 

The Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Core Facility is a resource for fMRI studies furthering the understanding of the brain and nervous system. It houses three 3 Tesla scanners and one 7 Tesla scanner, and has a full-time staff of 12, currently serving the needs of about 30 investigators across 5 institutes.

Neurophysiology Imaging Facility

The Neurophysiology Imaging Facility is a specialized fMRI facility dedicated to functional imaging of the awake primate brain, one of only a few such facilities in the world. The facility allows for joint functional imaging and electrophysiological recording.

NIMH MEG Core Facility 

The MEG core facility houses a state of the art magnetometer with 275 channels, which can record the magnetic fields of the human brain at very high spatiotemporal resolution. To date the facility has been used for research in memory, perception, emotion, as well as the investigation of the diseased brain.

NIMH/NINDS Microarray Core 

A collaborative effort providing Labeling/Hybridization, Laser Scanning, and Data Analysis capabilities for NIH investigators seeking high throughput microarray and bioinformatics services.

Scientific and Statistical Computing Core 

A NIH-wide resource for the analysis of MRI data.

Transgenic Core 

A facility for assistance in development of transgenic animal and modified embryonic stem cell lines.

Electron Microscopy Core 

Provided by NINDS for incorporation of EM approaches in research.

Other Core Facilities