In-House Seminar

Second year students and beyond are required to present their laboratory research annually as part of the In-House Seminar Series. Presentations are roughly 30 minutes long, with time for questions, and are attended by neuroscience students, postdocs and faculty.  All first year students are required to attend In-House Seminars.

Bench to Bedside

This seminar series focuses on the translation of basic research to the clinic.  Presentations are coordinated between medical doctors and scientists, and include a discussion of a major clinical problem (eg. epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, bipolar disorder), and how basic science and model systems are being used to study the problem or develop treatments.  Frequently, seminars include interviews and examinations of a patient.

Previous Topics and Speakers
Brain Tumors Steven Toms, MD; Nikolaos Tapinos, MD, PhD
Epileptic Seizures: Neuronal dynamics and therapeutic interventions Daniel Thengone, PhD; Gina Deck, MD
Targeting Familial ALS Katharine Nicholson, PhD; Kristin Wharton, PhD
Neurorehabilitative strategies to improve treatment outcomes in Bipolar Disorder Krisen Ellard, PhD
Early Life Stress: Aging and the brain Kevin Bath, PhD; Audrey Tyrka, PhD; Stephanie Parade, PhD
Tourette Syndrome and OCD: Genetics of two model neuropsychiatric circuit disorders Jeremiah Scharf, PhD

Graduate Proseminar in Neuroscience (NEUR 2010)

This seminar series invites researchers from outside of Brown to present their work, and is intended to expose graduate students to the latest advances in key fields of neuroscience. Seminars are held weekly at 4 PM on Thursdays. Students are required to attend, and seminars are open to all neuroscience researchers.  An informal social with the invited speaker follows the seminar and students are strongly encouraged to attend.

Most of the speakers are usually invited by faculty; however, students invite two speakers each academic year.  Names are submitted to a selection committee in the preceding spring. The chosen speaker is introduced before the talk by the student who nominated him or her.

Past Proseminar Speakers

Jennifer Li, PhD & Drew Robson, PhD (Harvard University)
Dorit Ron, PhD (University of California, San Francisco)
Bruno Averbeck, PhD (National Institute of Mental Health, NIH)
Patricia Janak, PhD (Johns Hopkins University)
Yimin Zou, PhD (University of California, San Diego)
Daniel Dombeck, PhD (Northwestern University)
Christelle Anaclet, PhD (University of Massachusetts Medical School)
Daryl Bosco, PhD (University of Massachusetts Medical School)
Kristin Baldwin, PhD (Scripps Research Institute)
Richard Huganir, PhD (Johns Hopkins University)
Jonathan Pillow, PhD (Princeton University)
Andreas Tolias, PhD (Baylor College of Medicine)
David Lewis, MD (University of Pittsburgh)
Bernardo Rudy, MD, PhD (New York University School of Medicine)
Steven Burden, PhD (New York University)
Chinfei Chen, MD, PhD (Harvard University)
Adam Kohn, PhD (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
Albert Lee, PhD (Janelia Research, HHMI)
Karen Zito, PhD (University of California, Davis)
Elizabeth Glater, PhD (Pomona College)
Laura Colgin, PhD (University of Texas, Austin)
Trent Watkins, PhD (Baylor College of Medicine)