Social Events

Within the Department

Labs (or groups of students) within the Neuroscience Department periodically host socials on Fridays in the 3rd floor atrium of Sidney Frank Hall.  Socials are often themed around holidays (eg. Halloween, Valentine’s Day, May the Fourth).

Outside the Department

The Graduate School and Graduate Student Council (GSC) frequently host events for graduate students.  These events are held around Providence and the Brown campus; however, several are held in the Graduate Student Lounge -- an indoor/outdoor space that can be reserved by any graduate student.  The entrance is located off Thayer Street at the base of the stairs of the Grad Center and requires card access. Typical activities sponsored by the GSC include Ice Cream Socials, Trivia Nights, Formals and the annual graduation Champagne Toast. Your GSC representatives will remind you of upcoming GSC events, and information can be found on the GSC website linked below:

Grad Student Council

Additionally, The Grad Center Bar (GCB) serves as a home-base for many unofficial department and graduate student socials.  Membership (entrance for grad student + 3 guests) is free for graduate students (undergrads can pay for membership).