Teaching Assistantship

NSGP students serve as teaching assistants for one semester in their second year. This teaching requirement ensures that students understand the importance of, and challenges associated with teaching in the academic setting. As a TA, students may conduct discussion sections, lead laboratory sections or give lectures, in addition to helping with course grading and administration. During the summer between first and second year, students are given a list of eligible Fall and Spring courses that require TAs and asked for their top three choices. Students are encouraged to ask older students in the department about their experiences to get an idea of the expectations of TAs in each course. The Graduate Program assigns students to courses appropriately.  Courses that typically require graduate student TAs include Principles of Neurobiology (NEUR 1020), Neural Systems (NEUR 1030), Neuroanatomy (NEUR 1650), and others.

GPP students do not have a teaching requirement, though they can explore teaching opportunities with the NIH-GPP office.