Environmental Pathology

An interdisciplinary program in Environmental Pathology provides training for predoctoral, postdoctoral and medical students at Brown University. This program is offered as a sub-track in the Pathobiology Graduate Program and is funded through a Training Grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Agnes Kane is the Training Grant Director and Kim Boekelheide is Co-Director. The goal is to provide a fundamental understanding of disease mechanisms related to environmental and occupational exposures including chemicals, mineral fibers and stress in order to prevent human disease. A variety of research projects using multidisciplinary approaches to study environmentally-related diseases are available in the laboratories of faculty mentors. In addition, an annual Symposium in Environmental Pathology is held in the fall in conjunction with the Graduate Program Retreat and a nationally recognized researcher in this area is invited as the keynote speaker. Trainees are encouraged to become student members of appropriate professional societies and present their work nationally in these forums.


Faculty Trainers