About the Center for Evidence Synthesis in Health

At the Center for Evidence Synthesis, (formerly known as the "Center for Evidence-based Medicine") we strive to improve health and wellbeing of individuals and populations. We promote rational decision making by conducting research in, and teaching the principles of, research synthesis (systematic review and meta-analysis of individual participant and aggregate data) and evidence contextualization (decision and economic modeling).

Our research and training programs provide experiential learning and research opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate scholars, and faculty and healthcare professionals within and outside the Brown community. The Center faculty develop methods,  software tools, and apply these to solve important health concerns.  The Center contributes to the School of Public Health’s effort to lead the nation’s comparative effectiveness research agenda, a cornerstone of the Affordable Care Act.  

The Center includes statisticians, clinicians, epidemiologists, librarians, computer scientists, and health services researchers. We collaborate with diverse groups of scholars and professional societies worldwide, in health and other disciplines.  These collaborations have led to numerous publications in many fields.