The Center for Evidence Synthesis in Health continues to develop national and international collaborations with centers of excellence in the areas of research synthesis and evidence contextualization via funded projects.  Some current/recent collaborations include:

  • Tufts Medical Center. PIs: John Wong:“Integrating Causal Inference, Evidence Synthesis, and Research Prioritization”, PCORI.
  • Tufts University. Alice Lichtenstein, Mei Chung: "Effects of Omega 3 Fatty Acids on Cardiovascular Disease", AHRQ. 
  • University of Ottawa.  PIs: Jeremy Grimshaw, David Moher, Sharon Straus (University of Toronto) John Lavis (McMaster University): “Seeing the Forest and the Trees- Innovative approaches to exploring heterogeneity in systematic reviews of complex knowledge translation interventions to enhance policy decision making", CIHR. 
  • University of Ioannina, Greece.  PIs: Evanglia Ntzani, Vangelis Evangelou: "Decision aids for people facing screening and treatment in Cancer”, AHRQ.
  • University of Texas, Austin. PI:  Byron Wallace: “Collaborative research: ABI Development: Making Advanced Statistical Tools Accessible for Quantitative Research Synthesis and Discovery in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology”, NSF.
  • Johns Hopkins University.  PI: Tianjing Li: “Develop, Test and Disseminate a New Technology to Modernize Data Abstraction in PCOR Systematic Reviews”, PCOR.
  • Cochrane Eye and Vision Group. PI: Tianjing Li: "Comparative Effectiveness Research & the Cochrane Eyes & Vision Group", NIH. 
  • University of Queensland, Australia.  PI: Jane Nikles: “Melatonin for Initial insomnia in stimulant -treated pediatric ADHD”. 
  • University of Maryland.  PI Brian Berman: “Cochrane Collaboration CAM Field: Resource for Research”, NCCAM.
  • Center for Open Science.  Partnership with Andrew Sallans.  Relative to the Systematic Review Data Repository, AHRQ. 
  • SUNY Stonybrook.  Jessica Gurevich, Marc Lajeunesse.
  • OptumLabs, Boston. William H. Crown: "Evaluating Observational Data Analyses: Confounding Control and Treatment Effect Heterogeneity", PCORI.
  • Rand Corporation.  PI Tom Concannon:  Stakeholder engagement, K12 Program "Develop Patient Centered Outcomes Scholars for Comparative Effectiveness Research", AHRQ.

Center Faculty have established multidisciplinary collaborations with the following local institutions:


Brown University: