David Winton Bell Gallery

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April 21, 2021 - July 18, 2021

Savannah Knoop’s practice consistently centers itself within questions of intimacy. Whether through performance—where they draw on both art historical models and their decades-long training in jiu jitsu—or the sculptural work on view in this exhibition, Knoop deploys improvisation and proximity as strategies in the making and activation of their work.

Curator: Kate Kraczon

Image: Savannah Knoop, Free Weaving the News (November 2019), 2020

April 21, 2021 - July 18, 2021

Dating from the beginning of the twentieth century through the present day, Spectrums: Gender in the Bell Collection contains myriad interpretations of gender that are not “concretised” or reified, but rather embodied and performed in unexpected ways. Veering into the ghostly, the uncanny, and the defiant, the images in this exhibition reveal variance and creativity in the presentation of gender throughout the decades. Featuring works by Berenice Abbott, Aubrey Beardsley, Harry Callahan, Martine Gutierrez, Graciela Iturbide, Deana Lawson, Danny Lyon, Helmut Newton, Andy Warhol, and John Willis.

Curator: Deborah Krieger, Curatorial Fellow

Image: Martine Gutierrez, Demons, Chin 'Demon of Lust,' p93 from Indigenous Woman, 2018