David Winton Bell Gallery

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Toby Sisson | Nacirema
June 8, 2019 - July 7, 2019

In the artist’s words, Toby Sisson’s artworks explore “the breadth of metaphoric meaning that can be derived from non-objective abstraction, especially psychological and social content.” Concerned with issues of race, reflecting her biracial experience, Sisson here interrogates the word “American” or “Nacirema” referencing Nacirema Clubs (social clubs for African Americans) that were popular in the Midwest during her youth.    

Curated by: Jo-Ann Conklin
Image: Toby Sisson, detail of Deconstructed American, 2019

Location List Lobby
Wendy Edwards
November 16, 2019 - March 15, 2020

Curated by: Jo-Ann Conklin
Image: Wendy Edwards, Man on Phone, 1982

Location Bell Gallery