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Commencement | May 29 Academic advising
Residence halls close | May 21 Verification of enrollment
April is Housing Lottery time First generation college students
Summer use of Health Services and CAPS
Living@Brown: Financial Considerations
Health Fee and health insurance Year at a Glance
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Commencement | May 29, 2016

Information about Brown Commencement and Commencement/Reunion Weekend events is available on the Commencement website.

Residence Halls Close | Saturday May 21 @ noon

All undergraduates in residence halls received email from Residential Life that residence halls close on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at noon for all students except graduating seniors. All doors will be locked and card access will be disabled at this time. If extenuating circumstances require a student to seek housing past closing, extended housing requests may be submitted online at the Office of Residential Life web site. Housing may be available until May 31, 2016 at noon.

New Undergraduate Orientation | Fall 2016

Early information for Orientation, which is required for all new undergraduates, is available on the Orientation website.

Use of Health Services and CAPS in Summer

May 6th, Health Services emailed all students with information about deadlines for graduating students and opportunity for continuing students to purchase summer care. Students who are graduating may use Health Services and CAPS until May 29, 2016 but payment options change after May 15th.

April is Housing Lottery time

After their first year, undergraduate students select on-campus housing through "Lottery" (i.e., Housing Selection). Students may choose to join a Greek or program house, choose special interest housing (e.g., Tech House), be selected as a Residential Peer Advisor (and be assigned a room), enter the lottery individually to select a single room, or enter with a group of friends to select housing together. Detailed information about Lottery -- including a full calendar of dates -- is available on the Residential Life website.

First-year students may be particularly stressed by Lottery. Many move into second semester feeling more comfortable at Brown; we then unsettle everything by asking them to select roommates and rooms for sophomore year. Deciding who is in your Lottery Group can be easy or difficult. Having never been through Lottery before, the unknown is ominous. The monster under the bed becomes "I'm going to end up with a hideous room, alone, separated from all my friends." This first-year fear is not helped by the fact that older students like to share horror stories about Lottery.

Students may share their housing anxiety with parents, needing someone off campus to listen.  Most students, after unloading on a parent their worst fears and bleakest scenarios about housing, proceed to make decisions and complete their forms feeling lighter -- because they have given away their fears to someone else.  Please encourage your student to take advantage of information sessions, veteran advice, and on-line Q/A sponsored by the students on Residential Council; and to talk with their Community Director or a staff member in Residential Life for information and problem solving assistance.

Housing Selection occurs by class year.  First-year students (i.e., rising sophomores) can pick rooms only from residence halls designated as sophomore housing; sophomores and juniors (i.e., rising juniors and seniors) can pick from residence halls designated as junior/senior housing.  This was a recent improvement, so more sophomores may live together; and to eliminate randomly-located single rooms in the midst of first-year halls, isolated from other sophomores, that students feared they would be “stuck in” due to the vagaries of the lottery process. By the end of March, students will be emailed instructions to access the list of the room and building designation for all available housing. 

Students must apply for permission to live off-campus. Students who requested and received permission to live off-campus for next year are not in Lottery. All students received direct email with instructions about applying for permission by December of the fall semester.

Academic advising information

You can read the advising announcements emailed to students throughout the year on the front page of ASK (Advising Sidekick). Also available on the public face of ASK are a number of Advising Materials, publications provided to students to orient them to the university -- such as Guide to Brown -- and to stimulate their thinking about their Brown education and instigate conversations with their academic advisors -- such as Brown's Liberal Learning Goals, Planning Your Liberal Education, and Planning Your Sophomore Year. While we share these materials with student, you may find it useful to know what is available in order to remind your student of resources available and reinforce messages when they forget.

Maud S. Mandel, Dean of the College, sent two emails to parents of undergraduates this October: The First Months at Brown, and Support for the Sophomore Year.

Verification of Enrollment

Instructions for requesting proof of a student's enrollment--for insurance or other documentation purposes--are available from the Registrar's Office.

Health Fee & Health Insurance

All actively-enrolled students may use Health Services as well as Counseling and Psychological Services, whether they have the Brown-sponsored health insurance plan (SHIP) or another planMore about health & wellness at Brown...

The mandatory Health Fee provides students the ability to see a provider at Health Services or at Counseling and Psychological Services.The student's health insurance comes into play for costs of tests, medications, treatment, and referrals to outside providers. TO WAIVE OR NOT: New this year, a worksheet to help students and families compare the coverage offered by the Student Health Insurance Plan(SHIP) and by their personal or family plan was included in the insurance information mailing.

First Generation College Students

While the term typically references students whose parents did not complete a four-year college education, our FirstGen Initiative programsare open to any student who feels the academic, social, and peer advising may be helpful.

Living@Brown: Financial Considerations

As a result of conversations with students, we have published a new document  Living @ Brown: Financial Considerations, which is availablein English, en Español,  在中國, 在中国.

Year at a Glance

Download a Year at a Glance document from the Important Dates page.

Safety at Brown

The Safety at Brown website provides summary information about safety-related services, tools, policies, and best practices that will help protect members of the Brown community.

This site is a joint effort of the offices of Campus Life, the Dean of the College, and the Parent Program in Advancement.