Parent Communication

Brown students enjoy an unusually high degree of freedom to structure their own education. In order to exercise this freedom responsibly, students need informed support and guidance from their parents as well as Brown faculty and administrators. This website is intended to help you, as a family member, understand the Brown curriculum and experience, and know what resources and opportunities are available -- so that you may help your student to think about their choices and encourage them to use the supports available to them.

In June, the Dean of the College and the Vice President for Campus Life send a welcome letter to parents of incoming undergraduate first-year students highlighting summer communications to students, and curricular and co-curricular resources on campus.

During students’ first two years at Brown, the Dean of the College communicates with parents to highlight curricular tasks and challenges students encounter as they progress through their education.

Please also visit the advising website, ASK (or Advising SideKick), which houses the print and electronic communications (including weekly advising emails) we send to students during their first two years. 

Parents & Families Newsletters are sent periodically during the year with information about new initiatives, highlights of campus resources, and upcoming dates and deadlines for students.

Parents may subscribe to the weekly email of News from Brown.  The websites of many administrative and service offices include sections specifically for parents as well (e.g., Health Services, Student Activities)