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Sc.M., A.M.
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The Division of Biology and Medicine offers an Sc.M. and A.M. degree in Biotechnology. The graduate program is offered by the Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology and Biotechnology and is designed for students interested in a range of topics related to the field of biotechnology, including drug and gene delivery, prosthetic devices, cancer therapeutics, vascular grafts, tissue engineering, disease diagnostic assays and bioartificial organs.

Admission General Information

Brown students may enter via the 5th Year Master’s Program or as outside students into the standard Master’s degree track. The Program offers students maximum flexibility including thesis (Sc.M.) and non-thesis degree options (A.M.), a part-time track, a management track option, and co-op program

Application Deadline: April 15 (Fall semester), November 15 (Spring semester)

Admission Requirements

  • Open to students with appropriate backgrounds in biology, biochemistry, physics, engineering, or chemistry.
  • Proficiency in English is expected.
    • GRE General: Not required
    • GRE Subject: Not required
  • Must fill out graduate school application, 3 letters of recommendation and indicate interest in Biotechnology Masters Program.

Sc.M. Completion Requirements:

A minimum of 8 tuition units are required. Must receive a grade of B or better, courses must be taken for a grade rather than credit/no credit. A maximum of one post-graduate course may be transferable, but approval of Program Director is required. Program Director endorses the student’s proposed curriculum.

Department of Biotechnology
Brown University
Box G-B 393
[email protected]

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Chair: Wayne Bowen

Director of Graduate Studies: Jacquelyn Schell