Management Track

Admission Information

  • Open to students with appropriate backgrounds in biology, biophysics, chemistry, physics, engineering, materials science, economics, or finance.
  • Must meet requirements for undergraduate concentration at Brown.
  • Do not have to take GREs.
  • Must choose a Brown faculty member to be advisor before start of the program.
  • Need two letters of recommendation. One of which needs to be from tentative advisor.
  • Application can be found here. Must select Biotechnology Management Track.

Completion Requirements

  • A minimum of 8 tuition units are required.
  • Must receive a grade of B or better, courses must be taken for a grade rather than credit/no credit.
  • A maximum of 2 advanced level courses can be applied towards the Master’s degree as long as they are not used towards fulfillment of undergraduate concentration (5th Year Students only). Approval of Program Director required.
  • Must take these four Biotechnology Industry courses
    • BIOL 2020 Biotechnology Science and Industry
    • BIOL 2089 Importance of Intellectual Property in Biotechnology
    • BIOL 2000-level Management Strategies in Biotechnology
    • BIOL 2000-level Commercialization Pathways in Biotechnology
    • Other courses selected from Biotechnology Research Track courses and/or Biotechnology Diseases courses.
    • Program Director endorses the student’s proposed curriculum.


For students doing research and thesis (Sc.M.):

  • No more than two of the required eight courses are to be used for thesis research.
  • Must identify Brown faculty member willing to host student in lab.
  • Student and faculty mentor select Thesis Committee.
  • Submit final thesis, present work as a seminar and pass final oral examination by Thesis Committee.


For students not doing research, non-thesis option (A.M.):

  • Must complete four Biotechnology Industry courses (above) and four other courses selected from Biotechnology Research Track courses and/or Biotechnology Diseases courses
  • Students who elect to fulfill the requirements of a non-thesis degree receive the A.M. degree.