Master of Arts in Biotechnology (AM)

The AM degree is a non-thesis degree requiring students to take upper level, structured courses in the sciences (not seminar courses). Five of these courses are selected from a list of courses that emphasize the fundamental principles and practices of the field biotechnology. Three other courses would be selected by the student from outside this list in all of the basic sciences, including biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as in the applied sciences, engineering, and math.

  • A minimum of 8 tuition units are required.
  • Must receive a grade of B or better, courses must be taken for a grade rather than credit/no credit.
  • Program Director endorses the student’s proposed curriculum.
  • Must complete an approved program of study consisting of at least eight structured, advanced-level courses in biology or the sciences.
  • Students who elect to fulfill the requirements of a non-thesis degree receive the A.M. degree.

Students must select at least 5 courses from the following list. The remaining 3 required courses must be approved by Director if not listed below.

  • Biol 1100 Cell Physiology and Biophysics (Spring)
  • Biol 1050 Biology of the Eukaryotic Cell (Fall)
  • Biol 1070 Biotechnology and Global Health (Fall)
  • Biol 1090 Polymer Science for Biomaterials (Fall)
  • Biol 1120 Biomaterials (Fall)
  • Biol 1140 Tissue Engineering (Fall)
  • Biol 1150 Stem Cell Engineering (Spring)
  • Biol 1260 Physiological Pharmacology (Fall)
  • Biol 1290 Cancer Biology (Fall)
  • Biol 1600 Development of Vaccines to Infectious Diseases (Spring)
  • BIOL 2018 Management Strategies in Biotechnology
  • BIOL 2020 Biotech Science and Industry
  • BIOL 2089 Biotechnology IP
  • Biol 2110 Drug and Gene Delivery (Fall)
  • BIOL 2125 Bioinformatics in the Discovery, Development and Use of Medicines (Fall)
  • Biol 2145 Molecular Targets of Drug Discovery (Spring)
  • Biol 2167 In Vitro Models of Disease (Spring)
  • Biol 2540 Molecular Genetics (Spring)
  • Biol 2528 Innovation & Commercialization in Medical Devices, Diagnostics, & Wearables (Spring)