Sequence of Fields

The Howard Foundation offers fellowships in a five-year rotation of fields, as described below for the next five years. Please note that the fellowships are awarded in the spring of the award year, and the deadline for application is in the fall of the preceding year. Successful candidates will be given the option of postponing receipt of their fellowship, so as to make the Howard competition accessible to those whose personal plans do not line up exactly with the year in which awards are offered in their fields. While the Foundation plans to follow this sequence of fields, additional changes may from time to time need to be made as warranted by the limited resources of the Foundation. 

Award Year Creative Arts Historical and Critical Studies
2016-2017 Creative Non-Fiction, Literary Translation into English Film Studies, Literary Studies
2017-2018  Photography  Anthropology, Archaeology
2018-2019  Painting, Sculpture History of Art and Architecture
2019-2020 Music, Playwriting History, Musicology, Theatre Studies


Creative Writing: Fiction and Poetry