The Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards is committed to protecting the health and safety of those in the campus community and the greater Providence area. While our primary focus related to COVID-19 will be to educate students about their responsibilities on and around campus, we plan to utilize several approaches, including disciplinary approaches, to help protect our community when necessary. All members of the Brown community have a responsibility to engage with each other in healthy and safe ways.

The procedures linked in the sidebar have been developed specifically to address COVID-19-related violations of the Code of Student Conduct. Please read them carefully to gain an understanding of what is expected of students and how the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards will address alleged violations. Please also see the linked FAQs to get more information on some of the procedures and potential outcomes.

If you wish to report an incident that you believe violates the Code of Student Conduct based on the COVID-19 requirements, please fill out the Campus Incident Complaint Form.