The Brown community has developed procedures to address behaviors that interfere with the educational mission of the University. These Student Conduct Procedures are administered by the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards.

The Principles of the Brown University Community form the foundation for student conduct expectations at Brown University. Commitment to these principles fosters an environment in which all students may enjoy the rights and privileges that accompany membership in our community. The Principles emphasize:

  • individual integrity,
  • respect for others,
  • respect for University resources, and
  • respect for the values of teaching, learning, and scholarship.

Students have not only the responsibility to support the Principles of the Brown University Community but also an important role to play in addressing behaviors that are inconsistent with the Principles. The student conduct procedures are in place to protect student rights; Brown students participate within these procedures by acting as Student Conduct & Community Standards Ambassadors and serving on the Student Conduct Board.

For More Information

For information about student conduct rules, regulations, and policies, please utilize the links on this website and these resources:

  • Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards, 42 Charlesfield Street, Graduate Center E fourth floor, (401) 863-2653
  • Email [email protected]