To ensure proper submissions and the ability to track submitted Coeus access tickets, be sure to follow these recommendations:

  1. At the CIS IT Service Center page, be sure to click Log In before filling out any ticket or form. 

  1. Fill out the access request accordingly (choose all required drop-down menu items and answer all required question fields). 
  2. Be sure to click the Submit button once you have completed the ticket form. 

Once submitted, you will see a confirmation appear on your screen: 

You will receive further confirmation via email from Brown IT.  The email confirms your submitted ticket and issues you a ticket number in that email. 

There are several ways to check on the status of your submitted ticket.  

  • Reply to your confirmation email and inquire, or

  • Utilize the Requests link on the CIS IT Service Center’s ticket page

To check the status on the ticket page be sure that you are still logged in, or click the Log In button.  

  • Click the Requests link on your page

At Your Requests page you can view your Open Requests as well as all your past, Resolved (closed) tickets.  (You can also search your requests using the Search in Requests search box.) 

Access requests, whether to activate someone’s new access and roles in Coeus or deactivating someone to remove access, must: 

  1. Route through Brown’s Computer Accounts and Passwords (CAP) team first. 

  2. Be approved by your supervisor listed on the ticket.

  3. Be assigned by CAP team to the Research Administration Information Systems (RAIS) team for processing the Coeus* access (activation or deactivation). 

*Please note: Either of the two available Workday roles (Grant Manager or Grant Financial Analyst) on your Coeus Access ticket are processed by CAP & RAIS. Any other Workday role(s) needed should be submitted in a separate request ticket directly to Workday at Brown. 

At any time, you can click on each Open Request to see if an agent has been assigned yet or not.  If your ticket has not yet been assigned an agent, rest assured it is in the queue to be processed soon.  

Once assigned an agent, your ticket is considered in-process.  You can monitor any changes or responses to the ticket here. You can also directly reply to your ticket on this same page via the text box and Reply button. 

RAIS team strives to fulfill all Coeus access requests within 1 business day whenever possible.  The more accurate and complete the information submitted is, the better we can serve you.  Should you have any questions about this process, please contact [email protected].

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