Important Notice: Workday Grant Roles for Access Tickets

8.11.2022 Anouncement to Department Managers and Research Administrators:

We have had a recent uptick in tickets for Workday roles that are arriving with the incorrect category type. To assist the community with which 'Workday Category' should be chosen from the ticket dropdown list, please see below:

If you are choosing 'Workday- Grant Roles' in your Workday ticket, there are only four roles that this ticket category covers:

Beginning 4/01/2022- No Access/roles Tickets for More Than One User- Coeus, InfoEd, Workday- Grant Roles

Coeus, InfoEd, Workday- Grant Roles

Due to an increase in bulk/multi-user access and roles tickets requiring security audits surrounding these type of requests, as of 4/01/2022 any Access ticket for:

  • Coeus,
  • InfoEd or
  • Workday- Grant Roles 

submitted for more than a single user named in the ticket, will result in the ticket being returned as closed.  In that closed ticket, you will be asked to submit a new single ticket per user for their specific access/role(s).   

3/28/22- Submitting a Coeus Access ticket for Another User

Managers and others take note- there is an important, required step to submitting a Coeus Access ticket for another user.   Please be sure to check the checkbox in the Access ticket as follows:


Ensure that you are logged in before you begin to fill out the ticket.  Complete the rest of the ticket fields accordingly and be sure to click Submit. 

3/28/22- FIX: Coeus Narrative Will Not Upload- 'Print to PDF'

Coeus will not accept documents over a certain size. If your Narrative or other document will not upload in the Narrative section, we strongly suggest printing it to PDF to shrink its size. 

After using 'print to PDF' if it is still too large to properly upload, you may need to divide it into sections and upload each section of the document in multiple parts to the Narrative section.  Still use the 'print to PDF' method on each section of the document to ensure that that PDF is small enough. 

Following are the steps to print to PDF: 

3/01/22: Coeus Grants: Access and Roles- Removal for Terminations, Transfers, or Early Retirees

Coeus Grants: Access and Roles- Removal for Terminations, Transfers, or Early Retirees

If your employee has terminated, transferred to another department, or is moving into early retirement at the end of this year, now is a great time to review processes to ensure that their Coeus access and/or roles are properly removed.  (This also covers the Workday roles specifically related to grants- Grant Manager and Grant Financial Analyst.)  At the time of the employment change, be sure to submit the access ticket and note “removal” of access and/or roles. 

12/8/21 Coeus Training Still Available! Online 24/7

Coeus system training is still available for all your new hires! 
Everything from navigating Coeus, creating a proposal, working on budgets, and creating and managing hierarchy records is available:

  1. Log into Workday and navigate to your Learning worklet. 

  2. Under ‘Learn’, click ‘Search for Available Learning’.

  3. Online courses available:

12/8/21 Coeus Access- IMPORTANT Information for All User Additions and Removals

The following is important information for all regarding both addition and removal of users’ access to Coeus:

As you bring on new hires and others take advantage of early retirement this year, their Coeus system access must be handled properly via an Access ticket to add or remove them. 

If you have early retirees leaving your department this year and they previously had Coeus system access, you are required to submit a removal of access ticket to deactivate their system access and remove their role(s).  

10/13/21: Coeus - Avoid Errors: Always Check Proposal Roles

Each time a Proposal Development (PD) record is either created from scratch or copied, one of the Aggregators on that record should check all the other Aggregators assigned to that record.  Any Aggregator has full ability to manage who has an edit or view role on a PD record. 

10/13/21: Workday Grants Management Dashboard – Improved Access

Beginning October 27, access to the Workday Grants Management dashboard will be modified to render based on your assigned award roles and no longer require prompting by award group to view data. 

The setup process for first time viewers on the dashboard will no longer be required.

Steps to access the Grants Management Dashboard