A best practice to ensure the completeness and accuracy of your proposal, you should validate and view/print the forms in the Coeus Grants.gov window.  

When a proposal is linked to a Grants.Gov opportunity, Coeus will pull in all mandatory and optional forms affiliated with the opportunity. Grants.gov validations confirm that mandatory forms have completed data based on Grants.gov rules.  Note - *Agency specific validations are not run in ​Coeus.

Navigate to the Grants.gov Window:

From Coeus Premium

  • Click the Action > Grants.gov menu.

From Coeus Lite

  • Click the ‘Grants.gov’ link on the left-hand navigation.

Run Grants.gov Validations:

  • Click the ‘Validate’ button.


  • If all validations pass, a message appears to let you know, click ‘OK’.

  • If validations do not pass, a window will appear alerting you to the item(s) that have errors that need to be addressed.


View/Print the Grants.gov Forms to Review:

  • From the same Grants.gov window, click on the ‘Forms’ tab.

  • To view/print a PDF of the entire proposal, hold the CTRL key + click to highlight each form that you have checked as included (except for the ‘PHS HumanSubjects And ClinicalTrialsInfo V1-0’ form, as this form will not print from this window).


  • Click the ‘Print’ button.

  • A PDF of the entire assembled Grants.gov proposal will open, including attachments and subaward budgets.

  • You can review it for accuracy. Keep in mind, if you do not see something you are expecting, the sponsor will not see it either.

Note:  Some pages may appear out-of-order, but should not be cause for concern for errors upon submission.  The final proposal should arrive in order at the sponsor agency from Grants.gov. Please consult your pre-award contact should you have any questions on page ordering in this view.

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