NIH is now enforcing the following Attachment File Name Rule

• Save all document attachments with descriptive filenames of 50 characters or less (including spaces).

 The new validation will be part of the business rules checked by ASSIST or the Preview Grantor Validation if using Workspace.

For Coeus S2S Submissions, the Narrative Type selected is the file name that is used.


 About Coeus / NIH Attachment File Names

• All the “PHS” Narrative Types in Coeus have been reviewed to ensure that they are under 50 characters.

• End-users need to be extra alert with this rule in the “Other” attachment type.  Coeus will send over what you enter in the “Module Title” as the attachment name.  It needs to be under 50 characters with spaces.


 For further guidance on attachment requirements, see the Format Attachment page on the How to Apply - Application Guide  on the NIH Website.

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