NIH recently issued NOT-OD-19-128 regarding changes to proposed Human Fetal Tissue (HFT).  Please see the notice for full details of the agency’s requirement changes.  

Proposals including HFT costs will need to be submitted via an alternate submission method (Workspace/ ASSIST/other) instead of Coeus S2S.  (Due to the upcoming InfoEd Grants implementation in 2020, there will not be updates made to Coeus regarding this NIH HFT change.) 

Do not submit HFT inclusive proposals via Coeus S2S as it may error upon arrival at eRA Commons or be turned down for not including the proper budget line-item details. Coeus budgeting does not include the costing line item detail to accommodate for these new requirements. 

We recommend utilizing the alternate submission methods noted in your specific funding opportunity announcement- be it Workspace, NIH ASSIST, or other method.  Should you have questions on submission instructions for your HFT proposals, please consult OSP/BMRA pre-award to discuss best submission options.

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