Principal Investigator

Daniel Mittleman

Postdoctoral Researchers

Hichem Guerboukha

Graduate Students

Rabi Shrestha

Yasith Amarasinghe

Angela Pizzuto

Zhaoji Fang

Group alumni

(do you see any out-of-date information on this list?  Let me know!)

  • Dr. Wei Zhang - Microsoft
  • Prof. Jianjun Ma - Beijing Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Rajind Mendis - Riverside Research, Beavercreek, OH
  • Dr. Yue Huang
  • Prof. Pernille Klarskov - Aarhus University
  • Dr. Nicholas Karl - post-doc, Sandia
  • Dr. Kimberly Reichel - post-doc, NEST Pisa -> 3DEO, Dover MA
  • Prof. George Keiser - Washington College, Dept. of Physics
  • Prof. Jason Deibel - Wright State University, Dept. of Physics
  • Dr. Daniel Nickel - post-doc, Naval Research Laboratory
  • Dr. Adrian Barkan - Chicagoland...
  • Dr. Joong-wook Lee - doing research in Korea...
  • Dr. Tushar Prasad - Shell International Exploration and Production, Houston
  • Dr. Rajesh Rengarajan - Intel, Portland, OR
  • Jon Johnson -  Raytheon Commercial Infrared, Dallas
  • Dr. Joel Boyd - Wayland Baptist University, Division of Math and Sciences
  • Dr. Tim Dorney - Texas Instruments in Dallas
  • Dr. Jeremy Pearce - Shell International Exploration and Production, Houston
  • Dr. Kanglin Wang - Shell International Exploration and Production, Houston
  • Dr. Zhongping Jian - Schlumberger
  • Dr. Hui Zhan - CGGVeritas, Houston
  • Robert McKinney - PhD student, Colorado School of Mines
  • Dr. Wai Lam Chan - CGGVeritas, Houston
  • Dr. Jonathan Laib - Intel, Portland OR
  • Dr. Victoria Astley - Assistant Professor, Florida Polytechnic
  • Dr. Marx Mbonye - Intel, Portland OR
  • Dr. Jingbo Liu - CGGVeritas, Houston

Undergraduate Students

There are often opportunites for undergraduate research in our lab!  Interested students should contact Prof.  Mittleman.