A companion to the textbook, China in Depth: An Integrated Course for Advanced Chinese, this website allows students to download related videos, language exercises, supplementary reading materials, etc.

The textbook and all the supporting materials on this website were compiled by:

Jianhua Bai (白建华)
Professor of Chinese, Modern Languages and Literatures, Kenyon College
Director, Middlebury College Chinese School
[email protected]
Jianhua Bai's website

Yang Wang (汪洋)
Senior Lecturer of Chinese, East Asian Studies, Brown University
[email protected]
Yang Wang's website

Xianwen Cao (曹贤文)
Associate professor of Applied Linguistics, Nanjing University
[email protected]
Xianwen Cao's website

Kuisheng Lian (练奎胜)
Instructor, C.V. Starr-Middlebury Schook in China, Hangzhou
[email protected]

Bo Zhu (朱波)
Senior Pedagogical Specialist, Chinese Flagship Program at Tianjin Center
[email protected]