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On Campus

African Students Association (ASA)

ASA provides a network and support system for students from Africa and the Diaspora. By incorporating the culture of food, music, dance and word, ASA works to foster a sense of community among members, and at Brown and across Providence. ASA also works to educate people and encourage discourse on myths, issues and realities of Africa. ASA is open to all members of the Brown community interested in the history and culture of Africa.

African Sun

The African Sun provides a voice for and about the Black community at Brown. It aims to serve that community by addressing topics relevant to the Black experience and exploring issues from the “Black perspective.” The African Sun serves as an alternative place for opinions, news, and creative expression. It provides information on national and local issues that affect Black people, and presents poems, short stories and lyrics, to promote respectful, dynamic campus dialogue about issues that affect the Black community.

Organization of United African Peoples (OUAP)

Formed in the early 1967, OUAP is the umbrella organization of Black students on campus, serving as a focal point for Black cultural, political and social activities. Through student input, OUAP works to foster cooperation and unity within the African American community at Brown. During the year, several forums are sponsored to facilitate dialogue on campus. OUAP publishes a newsletter, African Sun, and coordinates and programs events for Black History Month. OUAP was at the forefront of establishing Harambee House, the African American cultural dorm, to serve as an intellectual and artistic principle outlet for African-American students.

Africana Studies Departmental Undergraduate Group (DUG)

The Africana Studies DUG is working to increase dialogue within the Africana Studies Department, facilitate a greater sense of community, and increase the role of students in running the Department.