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Radiation Safety Index >Radiation Producing Devices

Brown University has several radiation producing devices on campus, from an x-ray machine at Health Services to Analytical X-ray Diffraction units in chemistry. We currently register 11 Principal Investigators with X-ray machines every year with the State of Rhode Island and inspect these units each year.

If you have or are going to obtain a radiation producing device please fill out the forms below and consult the Radiation Safety Office at 863-1738.

RSO-1x Application for Authorization to use Radiation Producing Equipment/Device

State of RI Analytical X-ray Facility Registration Form

Please fill out this form if you wish to work with or are in a lab that has a radiation producing device.

RSO-25 X-ray Instruction Form

Irradiation Services are available for animals, cells and other samples. For more information please contact the Radiation Safety Office at 863-1738 or 863-3615.

X-Ray Safety Alert

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Last updated on 07/20/2005