Laboratory Closeout

Laboratory Closeout Policy and Standard Operating Procedures

The Laboratory Closeout Policy applies to all University Departments where Research Laboratories, Research Support Spaces, workshops, teaching laboratories, or other similar spaces exist; to Laboratory Supervisors with responsibility for areas where Hazardous Materials are stored and/or used; and to the Department of Facilities Management (FM) when coordinating renovations in Laboratory, Research Support Spaces, workshops,teaching laboratories, or other similar spaces.

The purpose of the Laboratory Closeout Standard Operating Procedure is to provide procedures to assist Laboratory Supervisors and Departments with tasks related to the proper Decommissioning of laboratories, Research Support Spaces, workshops, teaching laboratories, and other similar spaces. The Laboratory Supervisor and the Laboratory Supervisor’s Department are responsible for ensuring a vacated space is returned to a clean and empty condition prior to transitioning it to either new occupants or for renovations.


Laboratory Closeout Policy 

Laboratory Closeout Standard Operating Procedure