NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards

Coal dust CAS

RTECS GF8281000
Synonyms & Trade Names
Anthracite coal dust, Bituminous coal dust, Lignite coal dust
DOT ID & Guide
1361 133
NIOSH REL: See Appendix D
OSHA PEL†: TWA 2.4 mg/m3 (<5% SiO2) TWA 10 mg/m3/(%SiO2 + 2) (>5% SiO2)
IDLH N.D. Conversion
Physical Description
Dark-brown to black solid dispersed in air.
Properties vary depending upon the specific coal type.

Combustible Solid; slightly explosive when exposed to flame.
Incompatibilities & Reactivities
None reported
Measurement Methods
NIOSH 0600, 7500
Personal Protection & Sanitation
Skin: No recommendation
Eyes: No recommendation
Wash skin: No recommendation
Remove: No recommendation
Change: No recommendation

First Aid (See procedures)

Breathing: Fresh air

Respirator Recommendations To be added later
Exposure Routes inhalation
Symptoms Chronic bronchitis, decreased pulmonary function, emphysema
Target Organs respiratory system