NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards

Phenylphosphine CAS 638-21-1
C6H5PH2 RTECS SZ2100000
Synonyms & Trade Names
Fenylfosfin, PF, Phosphaniline
DOT ID & Guide
NIOSH REL: C 0.05 ppm (0.25 mg/m3)
OSHA PEL†: none
IDLH N.D. Conversion 1 ppm = 4.50 mg/m3
Physical Description
Clear, colorless liquid with a foul odor.
MW: 110.1
BP: 320°F
FRZ: ?
Sol: Insoluble
VP: ?
IP: ?

Sp.Gr(59°F): 1.001
Fl.P: ?
UEL: ?
LEL: ?

Combustible Liquid
Incompatibilities & Reactivities
None reported [Note: Spontaneously combustible in high concentrations in air. Potential exposure to gaseous PF when polyphosphinates are heated above 392°F.]
Measurement Methods
None available
Personal Protection & Sanitation
Skin: Prevent skin contact
Eyes: Prevent eye contact
Wash skin: Daily
Remove: When wet or contaminated
Change: No recommendation

First Aid (See procedures)
Eye: Irrigate immediately
Skin: Soap wash
Breathing: Respiratory support
Swallow: Medical attention immediately
Respirator Recommendations To be added later
Exposure Routes inhalation, ingestion, skin and/or eye contact
Symptoms In animals: blood changes, anemia, testicular degeneration; loss of appetite, diarrhea, lacrimation (discharge of tears), hind leg tremor; dermatitis
Target Organs Blood, central nervous system, skin, reproductive system