NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards

Vegetable oil mist CAS 68956-68-3

RTECS YX1850000
Synonyms & Trade Names
Vegetable mist
DOT ID & Guide
NIOSH REL: TWA 10 mg/m3 (total) TWA 5 mg/m3 (resp)
OSHA PEL: TWA 15 mg/m3 (total) TWA 5 mg/m3 (resp)
IDLH N.D. Conversion
Physical Description
An oil extracted from the seeds, fruit, or nuts of vegetables or other plant matter.
MW: varies
BP: ?
FRZ: ?
Sol: Insoluble
VP: ?
IP: ?

Sp.Gr: 0.91-0.95
Fl.P: 323-540°F
UEL: ?
LEL: ?

Combustible Liquid
Incompatibilities & Reactivities
None reported
Measurement Methods
NIOSH: 0500, 0600
Personal Protection & Sanitation
Skin: No recommendation
Eyes: No recommendation
Wash skin: No recommendation
Remove: No recommendation
Change: No recommendation

First Aid (See procedures)
Eye: Irrigate immediately

Breathing: Fresh air

Respirator Recommendations To be added later
Exposure Routes inhalation, skin and/or eye contact
Symptoms Irritation eyes, skin, respiratory system; lacrimation (discharge of tears)
Target Organs Eyes, skin, respiratory system