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Course Title:
Hearing Conservation and Audiometric ExaminationTraining

Course Description:
As part of the Brown University Hearing Conservation Program, an annual Audiometric Examination and annual Hearing Conservation Training is required. Usually, both components are completed on the same day.

The Audiometric Examination is performed by an approved outside contractor. These contractors have the expertise and equipment needed for accurate examinations and they also interpret the test results for each employee.

The Hearing Conservation Training may be presented by the Safety Specialist or an approved outside contractor. The training covers topics related to working in areas with noise levels in excess of established standards. The training will cover:

  • Effects of noise on hearing
  • Purpose of hearing protectors, advantages, disadvantages, and attenuation of various types
  • Instruction on selection, fitting, use and care
  • Purpose of audiometric testing and an explanation of the test procedure

Who Must Attend?
Employees who work in areas that have been identified to be in excess of established standards.

When Must Initial Training be Completed?
Initial Hearing Conservation Training and the Audiometric Examination must be completed prior to employees working in areas that exceed established standards.

How Often Must I Attend a Refresher Course?
Hearing Conservation Training and the Audiometric Examination must be completed on an annual basis. However, in some instances employees may be asked to repeat Audiometric Examination when it is recommended by the contractor which performed the test.

Trainer Contact Information:
Safety Specialist at 401-863-1645

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