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Course Title:
Biosafety Training

Course Description:
This course gives the student the basis for the application of combinations of laboratory practice and procedure, laboratory facilities, and safety equipment when working with potentially infectious microorganisms to minimize the risk of transmission of disease and/or release to the environment.

  • Biohazard/Biosafety/Biosecurity Definitions
  • General Lab Requirements
  • BSL-1/2 Specifics
  • Biological Safety Cabinets
  • Centrifuges
  • Biological Safety Manuals
  • Decontamination
  • Biological/Medical Waste
  • Medical Surveillance
  • Emergency Response

Who Must Attend?
Biosafety Training is required for any person who works in a Brown University laboratory with microbial agents pathogenic to humans and/or animals, human blood, tissues, and/or cell lines, rDNA, drugs or toxins used for a biological effect, potentially infectious animal use, exotic microbes, plant pathogens, potentially infectious animals or animal tissue.

When Must Initial Training be Completed?
Initial Training Requirement: Initial Biosafety Training is required within 3 months of initial assignment to a laboratory. During that three month period an individual may work in a laboratory (without having first attended the training) provided that;

  • They are approved for work by the Laboratory Supervisor,
  • And, are supervised at all times.

How Often Must I Attend a Refresher Course?
Biosafety Training is required every 5 years, as duties change, or as recommended by the University Biosafety Officer.

Trainer Contact Information:
Biosafety Officer at 401-863-3087

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